The Romans already knew the Solfatara since imperial times. Strabone (66 BC -24 AD) gives the oldest written testimony that has come down to us, in his "Strabonis Geographica", with the name "Forum Vulcani", The Dwelling of Volcano, entrance to the Underworld. 

The Solfatara officially opens to visitors in 1900, although it was known since ancient times for its spectacular volcanic phenomena, for the health benefits of the sulphurous waters and for the hot "stufe"; it was included in fact between the forty most famous baths of Campi Flegrei since the Middle Ages.

There was no traveller of the '700 and '800 who did not insert the Solfatara among his excursions within the so-called "Grand Tour", educational travel for young people from European noble families. 

Around 1900 also a bath was organized within the Solfatara, as evidenced by both an advertising sheet and an illustrative print of the time. In this "thermal bath" it was possible to enjoy the health benefits of mud, given the existence of a natural mud pit, and of sulphurous water, as well as have steam baths in the so-called "stufe". 

The Solfatara was operating until the early '900 as a mining site for alum, sulphur and Kaolin, activities which had their heyday in the Middle Ages.


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