Exploring the Phlegraean Fields: Flavian Amphitheatre in Pozzuoli

History and myth breathe together within the walls of the Flavian Amphitheatre in Pozzuoli, where a little imagination makes us hear again the ancient shots of the gladiators and the cries of the martyrs.

Charm, history and legends live between the stones of the monument that, in term of largeness, is the third oldest arena after the Coliseum in Rome and that in Capua, the kingdom of Spartacus.

Here at the Flavian Amphitheatre you can admire the best preserved underground places, and the largest ones of the ancient world. Located at the intersection of the main streets of Campania, coming from Naples, Capua and Cuma, it was built in the first century AD.

The magnificent amphitheatre is located a few meters from the volcano and is easily accessible within minutes, even on foot.

Visit the Phlegraean Fields. You will be surprised!

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