Observations on bird life

You will see only some blackbird, that's all!" We were told with some explicit scepticism by someone we inform about our intention to carry out a bird watching activity inside the crater of the Solfatara.

It was a rather rainy day, a group of students here for an educational trip loudly found a shelter under a large holm-oak at the entrance blocking the main access. We had limited time and our hopes of seeing even just a blackbird seemed to dissolve in the face of many initial inclemencies. 

Only twenty minutes later we were back with a list that filled more than two pages of our block of notes. Nightingales, finches, blackbirds and butcher birds: a total of 15 species sighted in less time than it takes to prepare and drink a cup of strong Italian coffee. 

We realized that this was only the tip of the iceberg; in fact, we had visited only a part of the crater and on our list a few migratory birds were counted, no rapacious and no winter visitor. On this basis one might expect a longer list ... 
[In-depth analysis]

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