Scientific research

The Solfatara turns out to be an excellent logistics base to carry out scientific researches. Inside the crater there are numerous points of scientific measurement, made with various Institutions.
Italian and foreign experts and researchers spend periods in the Solfatara for the detection and measurement of numerous scientific parameters. 

Network suburban station for seismic and geochemical monitoring. 

ARGO system:
The installation inside of the Solfatara is made from a satellite dish and associated electronic equipment, one of which is positioned on the edge of the crater and the other close to the main fumarole. 
The satellite dish is used to transmit the scientific data collected from the electronic equipment to a geo-stationary satellite, which in turn transmits this data to various research institutions. 

Institutions concerned:
Ministry of Civil Defence
National Research Council
National Group for Volcanology
Institute of Geochemistry of Fluids

Vesuvius Observatory:
Photovoltaic Cells power supply
Measurement of carbon dioxide
Antenna transmitting data every 4 hours.

Tetrahedron reflectors for monitoring Bradyseism: 

Tetrahedron reflectors for monitoring Bradyseism. As part of the supervising of phlegrean bradyseism, the Vesuvius Observatory has launched, in collaboration with National and International Research Institutions, the monitoring of the slow movements of the soil through techniques that use artificial satellites.  The plant in the Solfatara consists of two pairs of Corner reflectors, sized 1.5x1.5x1.5 m.
A satellite periodically sends, with antenna having the characteristic shape of a tetrahedron, a radio signal that is reflected back to the satellite; the possible variation of the round-trip time of the signal allows to measure the movements of the soil. 

Institutions concerned:
Vesuvius Observatory • Faculty of Engineering (Na) • Politecnico di Milano • Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
Institut fuer Navigation • Universitaet Stuttgart • ESA-ESRIN (European Space Agency) technical support.

Infrared photography of Solfatara in Pozzuoli compared to that in natural light, is part of the research work of Professor Chiodini and was published on the cover of the prestigious American magazine J. Geophys. Res. Following is the text in the original language draft and published as a comment of the photography .

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