The Bocca Grande

It is the name of the main fumarole of the Solfatara, where the water steam reaches a temperature of about 160°C. In the inside of this opening some salts contained in the steam, including Realgar (As S), Cinnabar (Hg S) and Orpiment (As2 S3), condense giving a yellow-reddish colour to the surrounding rocks; there is also the emission of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), with its characteristic odour of rotten eggs. 

The area of ​​the Bocca Grande was called by the ancients Forum Vulcani, i.e. the Dwelling of the God of Fire. 

At the beginning of  '900 the German volcanologist Friedländer built here a small Volcanological Observatory, of which some ruins still remain, which collapsed, due to the periodic telluric movements connected to both the Bradyseism of the Phlegrean area and the opening of a fumarole. 

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