The Fangaia

It consists of rainwater and water originating from the condensation of steam, which are mixed with clay type material present at the surface of the crater. The composition of the gas coming out of the mud pit is varied (H2S, N2O, H2O, CH4, He, C); the liquid composition is equally rich (Boron, Sodium, Magnesium, Vanadium, Arsenic, Zinc, Iodine, Antimony, Rubidium and others); the mud so generated naturally is excellent for thermal uses.

The chemical composition of the gas shows a likely source of the steam just a few hundreds of metres below the ground of the Solfatara, at a temperature ranging between 170° and 250°C.

The dark streaks on the surface of mud are formed by colonies of bacteria resistant to extreme conditions of temperature and acidity, which are considered to be of great scientific interest.

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