The Vesuvio


The Vesuvio is an active volcano and dormant since 1944, about 1,250 metres high and located in the eastern side of the province of Naples. Renown since the eruption of 79 AD that destroyed Pompeii, today is home to a beautiful natural park. It is a volcano particularly interesting for its history and the frequency of its eruptions. 

The Vesuvio is a glance of unusual beauty in the landscape of the Gulf and holds a record in the world, namely that of being the first volcano to be studied systematically. 

You can, through a long walk, get right up on top, reaching the mouth of the volcano, so enjoying the beautiful view of the Gulf of Naples. To reach the Vesuvio from the Hotel Sporting you must take the local train of the Circumvesuviana up to the station of Ercolano and from there one of the buses of the Ercolano-Vesuvio line.

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